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Our Open Hours

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Scaffolding Contractors in Reigate | Reasons to Choose Our Services

As one of the most experienced scaffolding companies operating in the Reigate area, we understand the concerns that arise when property owners require scaffolding hire. The fact that scaffolding contractors are needed means that a development project is taking place, which naturally carries its own concerns. With the work of scaffolding erectors to contend with, it can become stressful to ensure that budgets and timescales continue to be met. Here at Express 1 Scaffolding Ltd, we have a reputation for keeping construction work of any kind moving forward efficiently, helping to bring work to a cost-effective, scheduled conclusion.


This is why we remain the trusted scaffolding contractors of choice for superior scaffolding hire. Below, we have listed a small selection of the many reasons why our clients in Reigate choose our scaffolding hire services.


1. Experience

When it comes to scaffolding companies, our clients value experience highly. A proven track record in bringing scaffolding hire jobs to a safe completion on time and within budget speaks for itself. Established in 2000, Express 1 Scaffolding Ltd has almost two-decades-worth of results as scaffolding contractors of the highest quality. What’s more, our team of scaffolding erectors has gained over 30 years of industry experience through services in and around the Reigate area.


2. Accreditation

Clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the claims scaffolding companies make have been assessed and certified by trade professionals. All of our scaffolding erectors carry CISRS accreditation, an industry-leading award. What’s more, we also ensure optimal Health & Safety standards on sites in Reigate and beyond through our Worksafe Partnership policy.


3. Commercial Scaffolding Hire

We recognise that businesses require specialist services when it comes to scaffolding contractors. Not only do they have to balance strict budgets and timescales, they also have to ensure that day-to-day business suffers minimal disruption as well as guaranteeing the safety of staff and customers. Commercial scaffolding hire makes up the majority of the services we undertake in the Reigate area, so our clients can rest assured that we have the expertise to handle any requirements.


4. Domestic Scaffolding Hire

As one of the most versatile scaffolding companies serving Reigate and the neighbouring areas, our scaffolding erectors offer equal proficiency in the domestic sector. We recognise that this work takes place in and around people’s homes, so we tailor our services to minimise disruption to daily life. As one of the most respected scaffolding companies in the region, we leave any domestic scaffolding site we work at in the same spotless condition as we found it.


5. A Complete Service

When clients choose us as their scaffolding contractors, they receive the complete package. We know that property owners in Reigate don’t want to spend their already limited time resolving scaffolding hire issues. Here at Express 1 Scaffolding, we take control of every aspect of the service, applying ourselves and our materials to the exact specifications agreed with the client. We cover the design, supply, delivery, assembly, dismantling and collection of our materials, freeing up our clients to focus on other aspects of their project.


To talk over domestic and commercial scaffolding hire options in Reigate, speak with one of our scaffolding erectors on 01342 893 207 or 07951 761 178.

Scaffolding erectors in Reigate 33
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