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Our Open Hours

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Scaffolding in Caterham | Does Your Project Need It?

Many domestic and commercial construction projects in Caterham benefit from scaffolding hire. It can be hard to know when you should seek scaffolding contractors, but we are always on hand to offer advise on the needs of individual projects. As a starting point, below you will find some key questions to ask when considering the need for scaffolding companies.


1. What are the rules?


Health and safety guidelines advise that a risk assessment is necessary if more than four people are working at height. Typically, this will conclude that scaffolding is the safest way to carry out work in Caterham. You should always hire specialist scaffolding erectors, such as Express 1, to ensure structures are safe and functional.


Working high up comes with a variety of safety concerns and it is important to follow HSE regulations. These place responsibilities on employers, and other people controlling work, in Caterham to ensure that:


  • All work at height is properly planned and organised
  • Everyone involved is competent
  • Risk assessments are carried out and appropriate equipment is used and maintained
  • The risks of working on, or near, fragile surfaces are managed


Our scaffolding contractors have knowledge of relevant laws and requirements, advising on each job.


2. How Big is Your Job?


For small jobs, especially domestic projects, scaffolding hire can seem surplus to requirements. However, the advantages that professional scaffolding companies provide, make structures worth it for any size job.


We deliver effective and safe solutions that allow customers in Caterham full access to roofs or other locations. This enables more efficient and thorough work. No matter the size of your project, Express 1 Scaffolding contractors offer superior benefits.

Scaffolding erectors also make sure extensive safety measures are in place, protecting those both on the scaffolding and below it. This is a considerable advantage compared to using ladders or other less secure options.


3. How Long Will Construction Take?


Where projects require working at height for more than three days, or when weather is looking temperamental, it is advisable to hire scaffolding companies. We maintain safe working environments for the duration of construction in Caterham.

Even shorter jobs can experience the benefits of scaffolding hire due to our complete and efficient delivery, assembly and dismantling services.


4. Will Scaffolding Erectors Make Work Easier and/or Safer?


The majority of construction jobs in Caterham that require working from a height, benefit from scaffolding hire. If you can confidently say that our services will improve the safety and/or efficiency of work, there is no question as to whether or not you need scaffolding contractors.


Like all reputable scaffolding companies, we are CISRS accredited. Along with many years’ experience, this enables us to offer reputably safe and accessible environments for workers and employers.


If you are still unsure, get in touch with our dedicated scaffolding erectors to discover the full scope and advantages of our services in Caterham.


For specialist scaffolding hire for projects of every size in Caterham, call 01342 893 207 or 07951 761 178.

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